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arts & crafts.

Discover the latest news and trends in the world of Arts & Crafts and join millions of people in developing your skills and unlock your full artistic potentials!


Calling all DIY-ers and check out our Tutorials on how to create different products from home! Open to all hobbyists and small business owners!

Interior design.

Learn more about different Interior Design Ideas all over the world, from Asia to North America, it sure will help you create new ideas for your next home project.


Cricut Joy Bundle

tshirt printing kit.

Our tshirt printing kit is packed with ALL the materials you need to jumpstart your tshirt project or business.

vinyl project kit.

Complete with the cutting machine, weeding tools, vinyl sheets and blank printable items, our vinyl kit is a great start to your diy journey.

Explore more DIY kits from our shop.

what's new.

vinyl vs DTF printing

Comparing Vinyl vs DTF Printing

Differences beween Vinyl and DTF Printing, Which one is better? Both techniques have their unique advantages and drawbacks, making the choice between them dependent on various factors such as design…
9 interior design trends

9 Interior Design Trends in Asia 2024 

Step into the world of Asian interior design, where tradition meets innovation and cultural influences blend seamlessly to create stunning living spaces. From the serene Zen-inspired living rooms of Japan…


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"As a beginner, Orange & Lemons has provided me with end-to-end information and products to start up my tshirt business."
Kat TG
DIY Enthusiast
"This website is so helpful to those starting up a small business from home and don't know where to start. I started mine with the Vinyl Project Kit and it gave me a lot of opportunities. Orange and Lemons has guided me all throughout the process."
Ann C
Small Business Owner

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At Orange & Lemons, we are dedicated to empowering DIY enthusiasts and aspiring small business owners by providing valuable information, innovative solutions, and a supportive network. 

We strive to equip individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in their endeavors. 

Our mission is to address the challenges faced by struggling small business owners, contributing positively to society, and fostering a community of collaboration and growth. 

Through our commitment to these values, we aim to inspire and enable individuals to pursue their passions and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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