Code of Conduct


  • Purpose of the Code of Conduct for Community
  • Fostering a positive and creative space for arts, crafts and design lifestyle enthusiasts

General Guidelines

  • Be respectful and supportive of fellow subscribers
  • Avoid offensive language and discriminatory behavior
  • Embrace diversity in religious and cultural backgrounds

Communication Guidelines

  • Use positive and engaging language
  • Refrain from personal attacks or disrespectful comments
  • Report any behavior that goes against the code of conduct to moderators

Content Guidelines

  • No hate speech, discrimination, or negative comments about the products & services and the community members
  • Respect copyrights and intellectual property related to
  • Avoid spamming and self-promotion unrelated to the community’s theme

    Privacy and Security

    • Respect the privacy of and community users
    • Do not share personal information without consent
    • Report any security concerns or breaches responsibly

    Moderation Policies

    • Moderators’ role in maintaining a positive community atmosphere
    • Consequences for violating the code of conduct, including warnings and temporary/permanent bans
    • Transparent appeal process for moderation decisions

    Orange & Lemons Collaboration

    • Encourage Arts & Design ideas, products and services sharing and recommendations
    • Provide tutorials to aspiring artists, designers and DIY-ers
    • Support and collaborate on creative projects related to
    • Welcoming environment for new members, providing guidance and information


    • Clearly outline the steps of enforcement for code of conduct violations
    • Specify consequences, including warnings, temporary suspension, and permanent bans
    • Describe the escalation process for severe violations

    Updates and Amendments

    • Communicate how and when the code of conduct may be updated, ensuring transparency
    • Encourage members to revisit the code regularly for any changes


    • Express gratitude for contributing to the positive and vibrant community
    • Encourage open communication and collaboration to further enhance the community’s experience